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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Swatches: Sinful Colors Polka Dots Collection

Here are the swatches from the Sinful Colors Polka Dots Collection I showed you here. You'll notice down below, I forgot to add a picture of Fig -_- however, there are swatches down below. Let's get started!

Nirvana: A creamy milk chocolate, taupe. 2 coats

Hazard: IMO, this color screams spring/summer! A gorgeous combination of coral & melon that required 2 coats.

Innocent: I've had this color for a while now and I believe it's part of their core collection. Heard of Shrek and Fiona? That's what this color reminds me of! ;) IMO, it looks similar to a light green olive. 2 Coats

Why Not: A crisp, sky blue cream. This required 2 coats, but could have managed with 1 if I were more careful. -_- Yay, for 1 coat nail polishes!

Savage: I love the name of this one! It is a gorgeous matte combination of turquoise, teal, and a slight hint of blue. I think Savage, Why Not, and Innocent, would make great color choices for a peacock design! I'll have to try that soon! =)

Fig: This obviously is not my hand! =) These tiny fingers belong to my little sister, who kindly applied them on her nails, so I wouldn't have to ruin my current mani! (pics soon) Thanks, sissy! Fig is a purple-y, eggplant, magenta color. This required 2 coats.

Unicorn: After seeing reviews and swatches of Unicorn, I new immediately that I would skip on it. Why? I'm not a huge fan of 4-5 coat nail polishes. I mean, if the color is absolutely amazing and like nothing I have in my collection, then sure, I don't mind, but since I already have something similar- China Glaze Lemon Fizz, I opted not to purchase it. I loved the name though! ;)

Pink Forever: I skipped on this also since I believe that this is part of their core collection. I figured, like Innocent, I would be able to get my hands on this color at anytime.

As always, hope this helps & happy shopping!

Have you seen this display in your area? Pick up any colors? What are your thoughts? I'd love to know down below!


  1. Yes!! Have you seen/picked any of them up?!

  2. Nice colors <3 never tried any Sinful colors I believe they don't sell it here in Holland.

  3. Yes! They are gorgeous spring/summer colors. I'm sorry that they don't sell them there. =( Have you entered my Giveaway? I've included 4 of these nail polishes.

  4. Got Savage but now after seeing your pic, I also want hazard!

  5. My fav are Pink Forever and Nirvana! I have Unicorn and it's pretty but it stained my nails yellow. I also have Fig, which I love.

  6. Ari: Hope you find Hazard! It's perfect for spring & summer! :)

    Nolitoshy: I love all the shades from this collection! Innoncent stained my nails reallllllly bad! Not so "innocent", huh?! lol ;)

  7. this might sound absolutely stupid but, how the heck do you subscribe to your blog? I am not finding any tabs for subscription....sorry, can you tell I'm technically challenged???!!! LOL



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