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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tip Tuesday: DIY Nail Polish Remover Pads

Have you ever had trouble removing stubborn nail polish? *cough* glitter nail polish *cough* Are you tired of spending way too much time scrubbing? Well, I think I may have a solution for you!

Short Story Intro: A few weeks ago, my sister had an art project for one of her classes. I brought her to Michael's to pick up a few supplies she was missing. After her project was completed, i noticed that she was getting ready to toss out some left over scraps of felt, but I figured that I could find some kind of use for it.
*Light Bulb* I ran out of cotton balls, so I decided to give the left over felt a go! Much to my surprise, it worked a million times better then cotton balls. Since the texture of felt is a little more "rough" than cotton balls, the removal process was a breeze.

Here's what you'll  need:
 1.) Felt - I found mine at Michael's for $.29ea
 (preferably white, you don't want the risk of other colors transferring onto your nails/skin)
2. Scissors

 I've numbered each picture to demonstrate:
Note: You do not have to follow this procedure, you can cut them at any time or at any size when you need them; however, it may be beneficial to do so, I'll explain down below!

Pretty easy right? If you cut the pieces exactly as the procedure, you should have exactly 64 pieces! Let's do some math and see how much your saving!

1 bag of Cotton Balls(100pieces)= $1.00-$2.00
1 sheet of Felt(64 pieces)= $.29

Even if you purchased two sheets of felt,(64+64=128) you would still be saving money and you would have even more pieces than cotton balls!

2 sheets of felt(128 pieces)= $.60

It can be a little time consuming, but, in the long run, you're saving money and cutting you nail polish removal time in half! If you have kids,(w/ supervision, of course,) this is a great way to help teach them about fractions!

As always, hope this helps & happy shopping!

*Note: I do not claim to be the founder of this activity. It was an experiment that I took upon myself to achieve.

Have you tried this out? Has it worked for you? Do you have any other alternatives other than cotton balls or felt? I'd love to know down below! =)


  1. This is insanely helpful! I'll have to try this because my cotton balls aren't doing it for me.

    Does the felt take the nail polish remover well? Like, does it absorb it like a cotton ball or resist it like paper?

  2. Glad to know this helps! =) Yes, it soaks up like a sponge! But, not to the point where it is excessively dripping all over the place. Let's just say it has the same intention of cotton balls, but works a gazillion times better! =)

  3. I like this idea! Just last night I was struggling with my tiny cotton ball trying to take off my glitter polish. Thank you for this. :]

  4. I know this is a pretty old post... but I just found it, and it's still super helpful! =) Thanks for the idea!! I have heard a lot of people talk about wrapping foil around their fingertips, etc, but that just sounds insanely time-consuming! This sounds much more practical and effective at the same time! Yay!!


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