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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Swatches & Review

With China Glaze Crackle Glaze, OPI Shatter, Barry M, Cover Girl, and among others, the "crackle" effect has become one of nail polishes biggest trends. Click here to see the full display and/or if you missed my first post on these polishes. ;) 

Directions: Apply one thin or thick coat of Crackle Overcoat on (depending on desired effect) over any Sally Hansen Nail Color, then apply a Sally Hansen Top Coat.
No topcoat on all swatches!

Starting off with my most favorite and wrapping things off with my least; let's get started! ;) 

Cherry Smash

I love the name of this one! What you see in the picture is pretty much what you get in person. This was the easiest and smoothest to apply. It cracked almost immediately and had the least drying time. This also happens to be my favorite out of the bunch! ;) Dries matte. A+ on this one guys; I highly recommend this one!

Distressed Denim

Another gorgeous color, but it was a pain to try and capture an accurate photo! -_- The closest way I can describe this color is the way it looks in the bottle, but wayyy more intense and vibrant. This also has a great crackle effect and dries very quickly. Application was also smooth and easy to apply. If you notice my index finger, I applied a thick coat and what you see is the outcome- less crackles. Nonetheless, it is the most fun out of all the colors and it's absolutely stunning in person- a real eye catcher! ;) Dries matte. A+

Vintage Violet

This is a very interesting shade. It's an amplified magenta/fuchsia/violet shade infused with flecks of very fine turquoise/teal and pink shimmers with an iridescentslight duo chrome finish- whew, that was a mouth full! Like the first two, this also offered a smooth and easy application. Dry time took about a minute or two longer, but that wait pays off! A

 Snow Blast

In my opinion, if you own China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Lightning Bolt, it's kind of the same scenario- a PAIN to apply. I'm not sure if it was the bast color, but boy, it was such a hassle! -_- This as a matte finish. I really wanted to like this one, but it's just not working out for me! I'm gonna try and work with this one since the swatches online from other bloggers looked great. For now though, C-

Antiqued Gold

When I first heard about these polishes via Twitter from a teen vogue editor, this one stood out to me the most and I knew I had to have it! Now that I do have it, I'm very disappointed with the outcome. :( If you own CG Fault Line, this is also the same scenario- very few cracks and very little base color peeking thru. I tried applying this as both thin & thick coats, but no cigar; the pic above was the best I could get. Antiqued Gold, I really wanted to like you! Foil finish. D- 
Fractured Foil

Other than the awesome name, I was also very disappointed in this one as well. I hate to reiterate myself and bore you all, but this brings me back to CG Fault Line and Antiqued Gold.
-_-  I'm not sure if it's due to the fact of the finishes, but mannn, these were horrible. One thing  I will say is that, it cracks slightly better than Antiqued Gold. Foil finish. D-
Note: I'm sure these will work well on other brand names, so, don't feel limited to using only Sally Hansen. Also, the thinner you apply the crackle overcoat, the more precise and cracked & the thicker, the less cracks.

Base ColorsSally Hansen: Whirlwind White & Dr.'s Remedy: Dark Brown

As always, hope this helps & happy shopping!

What are your thoughts?!  Do you own any of these polishes?! If so, do you have any application tips for Snow Blast, Antiqued Gold, and/or Fractured Foil? I'd love to know down below!


  1. you could try adding some thinner to the foil ones maybe?

  2. Cherry looks nice, I'll pick that one up when I find it. I've been searching for these for a few weeks, but haven't found them here yet. Glad you swatched all these so I know not to get the mettalics. I was actually wanting the Gold, but now I won't waste my money.

  3. do you have to use sally hansen polish underneath as I didn't and it did not work out well with 2 other types of polish it basically looked lumping and as if I just went over one colour with another

  4. I used the Finished Foil one for homecoming, and I would say that it wasn't too bad, as long as you apply it fairly thin

  5. I applied fractured foil over pure ice's kiss me here and it didn't crack that bad...I could see a pretty good amount of the base coat I applied and it has some pretty good cracks. A thin coat or a medium thick coat works best for me.

  6. i have never used a crackle.. it looks awesome

  7. I have all of these too, but I'm not sure about the white either. It looks dried toothpaste IMO! :)


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