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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yes, another swap! ;)

I know what you're thinking, ANOTHER swap, Carla?! At this point, addicting is an understatement! LOL! I did, however, promise myself to just 3 more swaps and then I'm checking out of "Swap Land"... Not forever, of course! ;)

This was my very first swap from the awesome Sara, which finally came in! Let's get started :)

Beauty UK: Mauve Flash
Essence: Choose Me, Nothing Else Metals, Matt Top Coat, and Mystic Mermaid

Catrice: Dirty Berry
S-he: Pink holo
Barry M: Mint Green and Blue Print Nail Effect

China Glaze: BFF
Magnetic Holographics: Shimmering Silver & Spect. Stone

Thank you, again Sara! Everything is perfect and you are an excellent swapping partner! *HUGS*

Do you own any of these babies? What are your thoughts?! I'd love to know down below! :)


  1. Wow great swap!
    Have fun with all this!

  2. another awesome swap for you doll :D hope you are having fun with all your Barry m's

    shel xx

  3. hmm, is your picture of BFF off or do you have the other version? a bunch of TTYL's went out with BFF stickers on them so now there are "two versions" of BFF.
    BFF is a true pink while TTYL is orange/peach!
    just wanna make sure you know :)

  4. (p.s. the reason my comment is so delayed is that i have a massive backlog in my google reader... like 1000 posts. haha!)

  5. Rebecca: LOL, thank you! I meant to change that. I read about the mix up online. Yes, it def. is TTYL. Thank you, again! x


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