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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Your first look: Bootie Babe Cosmetics

They're finally here! :) 

Today's post features the new line of nail polishes and perfumes from Bootie Babe Cosmetics. I was lucky enough to receive a few samples to test out and review.

Here is a little background info on this creative company

Bootie Babe® is a new beauty and fashion brand developed by SuperBooty LLC.
In Oct of 2011 the company is proudly launching its first collection, a line of nail polish featuring cute and collectible bootie shaped bottles.
SuperBooty President and CEO Mark O’Hara wanted to create a humorous, bold
and truely unique beauty product that would literally “stand out” from the competition.
O'Hara's creative and business interests go beyond nail polish.
He states "My goal is to develop the Bootie Babe brand and manufacture a variety
of products including cosmetics, apparel, accessories, gifts and jewelry.
After a year of research and development, SuperBooty LLC is honored to
announce the release of the "Cutie Bootie Collection", available in twelve shades of color including Hella Baloo™, Purp Slurp™, Mean Tangerine™, Lilac Lunatic™ and Slinky Pinky™.

$9.00 ea
Hella Baloo & Purp Slurp nail polishes
Mighty Mango & Applelicious perfumes

Packaging and stickers 

Back view

Back view

Let me tell you, I've never laughed so hard applying nail polish. This is a genius idea and reminds me of Nfu-oh polishes! This could def. be the missing bottom  of those polishes! ;)

These polishes are big 3 free and are cruelty free. You can purchase them at They also offer International shipping. Tell them Carla from deuce beauties sent you! :)

Stay tuned for my review, you do not want to miss it! ;)

As always, hope this helps & happy shopping!

Have you heard of Bootie Babe? What are your thoughts?! I'd love to know down below!


  1. omg i totally laughed when i saw these bottles! hahahhaaha i HAVE to get some just to show people & see their reaction LOL i cant wait for ur review!

  2. omg! how cute! I'd be laughing too! wish I wasn't on a no buy!

  3. FashionFreak/Mihaela: They sure are! :) xx

  4. Maria: We must of had the same recation! lol! love em! :)

  5. Jeanne From NC: They are sooo cute and make me smile every time I look at them! :)

  6. these bottles do look unique :D

  7. LOL one of the most unique bottle i've seen so far xDD

    i really have this urge to buy it xD

  8. These look super cute haha :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  9. The bottles of those polishes always make me smile.. They are so funny :)

  10. The bottles are just amazing haha. Unless they bring out a somewhat unique colour, I would probably only get one of these, solely for the gorgeous bottle!


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