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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Review & Swatches: China Glaze Let it Snow Collection

Behold, the 2011 China Glaze Let it Snow collection! Feast your eyes and sit back & relax! Enough talking, let's get on to the swatches! 

Snow Globe –  A mixture of iridescent/opal round micro glitter and small hex glitters suspended in a clear base. This is pretty on its own, but is even more gorgeous layered. I can see this being layered over any color, really. 2 coats were used in the above image.

Tinsel Town – A mixture of silver micro glitter and small hex glitters in a tinted smokey charcoal base. I absolutely adore this polish and I'm wearing it right now! It's not the first color that comes to mind during the Holidays, unless the only thing your getting for Christmas is a lump of coal. LOL ;) This was perfect in 2 coats.

Icicle – Your basic metallic silver foil. It's streak free, dries extremely fast, and is perfect in 2 coats. Not much to say about this one, but I think it's a good staple in this collection.

Twinkle Lights – A clear base packed with loads of tiny green, red, and gold micro glitters. It's definitely the wild child of the bunch and is the most festive in my opinion! This is one of those polishes that look fabulous with or without a base color. 2 coats were used in the above image, but I suppose 1 more coat would have filled in the empty gaps. Application was effortless and glitters were dispersed evenly and generously.

  Champagne Bubbles – A metallic yellow gold infused with silver micro glitters. I must say that the silver glitter is not as apparent as I hoped it would be. You can see it, but you gotta look real, real close. Nonetheless, I think that this is def. the most unique from this collection since I own nothing similar. This was 2 coats.

Ring In The Red – A combination of both red micro glitters and small round glitters infused in a sheer red base. This was a difficult one to capture. It's true beauty shines in person. This screams Holidays! Again, this is one of those colors that look great with or without a base color. This was perfect in 3 coats.

Poinsettia – A classic, gorgeous bright candy red with a creme/jelly finish. This polish dries to a super glossy/juicy finish, like a candied apple, but BETTER! ;) I'm speechless. This was 2 coats.

   Winter Berry – A deepened red that dries to a perfect jelly finish. This is def. a bit darker than Poinsettia. Unfortunately, this was my least favorite from this collection- I don't hate it tho! ;) Again, not much to say, it's your basic red jelly. I'll probably use this as a base color for layering. This was 2 coats.

Velvet Bow – A vampy, deepened burgundy that dries to a jelly/creme finish. Now this shade, I like! It really does remind me of a velvet bow! ;) This was 2 coats.

Glittering Garland – An emerald jelly base infused with micro yellow-green glitters. Another favorite of mine! ;) Application was effortless and glitters were dispersed evenly and generously. This was perfect in 2 coats.

        Holly-Day – A flawless, holly green that dries to a perfect creme finish. This applied like butter and was a pleasure to apply. If you're a green lover, you'll melt for this beauty! This was perfect in 2 coats.

Blue Year’s Eve – A shimmery, glass fleck royal blue infused with tiny particles of purple, turquoise, and silver shimmers. This was 2 coats.  

 I think China Glaze did an amazing job with the color range for this collection. All of the polishes were easy to work with and were streak free. All glitter polishes from this collection dispersed effortlessly and evenly throughout my entire nail. 

My Top 5 Must Haves: Snow Globe, Tinsel Town, Ring in the Red,  Glittering Garland, and Holly-Day

This collection is available at Sally's Beauty Supply, salons, and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. If you see something you like, I urge you to immediately pick it up, as this is a Limited Edition Collection.

As always, hope this helps & happy shopping!

Have you picked up any shades from the Let it Snow Collection? Which are your must haves? What are your thoughts?! I'd love to know down below!

A sample of these products were kindly sent to me for review purposes. I am not being compensated to give out any information/reviews. My reviews are, and forever will be 110% honest opinions based on my experience/knowledge with each product mentioned.


  1. Nice collection. I like Icicle the most!

  2. Miss L: Thank you! Icicle is very pretty! xx

  3. GirlieAndGlamorous ♥: I totally agree! Snow Globe is one of my faves! ;)

  4. I have Twinkle Lights and Poinsettia-- gorgeous!

  5. Tin Roof Nails: Awesome, both are gorgeous! :)

  6. A really nice collection, but to me, there is no real must have )=

  7. rock-or-not: Awww, sorry you feel that way! ;/

  8. I loooove Tinsel Town, Glittering Garland and Blue Year's Eve! Great collection overall

  9. I'm curious to see Snow Globe layered on pastel colors! I think it's my favorite from the collection :)

  10. Laetitia ♥: Me too, great idea! :)

  11. I just went and bought tinsel town!!

  12. These all look so great! I have Snow Globe already! :)

  13. I'm not super excited about this collection but velvet bow looks jummy

  14. Erin Semple: Awesome, I'm wearing it right now! :)

  15. nickeeschickee: Snow globe is gorgeous! :)

  16. Ciara: I thought my sister wrote this comment! You both have the same name, but yes, all the colors are very pretty! :)

  17. This is a great collection! A must have for the Christmas Holiday!! My favourites are Twinkle Lights and Tinsel Town!

  18. Lisetta: Yes, def. a must have collection of polishes! xx

  19. Velvet Bow <3 so so chic


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