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Sunday, April 1, 2012

My new blog!

Good after noon, everyone!

If you follow my Facebook page, I announced a few days ago that I would be starting a new blog dedicated to all things outside of Deuce Beauties. Carla Fancies, the name of my new blog, will focus primarily on my life and the things I enjoy; I wanted you all to get to know me on a whole new level.  

Click here to follow and to find out more! 

& not to worry, Deuce Beauties is here to stay!  ;)


  1. I do fallow you on Fb but I have soooooo much stuff I liked I resive toooo much updates from all the sites . but I will fallowing u

  2. wow, i bet your other blog will be as great as this deuce beauties :)) you have a very cute layout too!

  3. following! & I have no doubt you'll have great success with it like with this one. xx

  4. I love the design of your new blog. Following! Can't wait to read your new posts here and there as well.

  5. Yay, the new blog looks great! Can't wait to see your posts (: Will definitely be following. x

  6. Wow, the design looks amazing, I will probably follow that blog too. :)

  7. So much fun! You must never sleep! I barely have time to keep up with 1 blog I just started! lol It will be fun to follow your life though!! Keep up the good work!

  8. i love this blog! but i also love Carla Fancies! i love the posts on this blog, im looking forward to the many posts to come on the new one!:D

  9. I am following your new blog, it's very beautiful!!!
    I wish you good luck and success! :))


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