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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Your first look: New Nicka K New York Nail Colors & Lip Colors Review & Swatches

Good afternoon, lovelies!

Today, I have a sneak peak of a few of the new line of nail colors and  Lip Colors from Nicka K New York. Let's get started!

 Gold Shimmer, Apricot, Lavender, Ice Berg
Dolphin, Velvet Green, Royal Fuchsia, Violet

Gold Shimmer
 No need for a description here, the name says it all! The perfect name for this nail polish. This was 1 generous coat.

Apricot is a soft, peachy pink creme. This was a tad streaky, but evened out after the second coat. This was my least favorite from the bunch. I think that this color has been replicated so many times and since I have many others that are similar, if not the same.

A soft, lavender creme. The formula was extremely smooth and was opaque after two coats. Lavender has made its way to my top picks in this post! 

Ice Berg
Another color that has made it to my top picks is, Ice Berg. Its a gorgeous, sky blue infused with aqua shimmers. I looked through my stash and found nothing similar! This was two easy coats. 

This is my absolute favorite from this collection! Dolphin is a beautiful, turquoise infused with aqua micro shimmers. This picture does not do any justice! It's so much more vibrant and stunning in person. This was one, yes one, effortless coat!

Velvet Green
I had a difficult time catching the color from this nail polish. -_- This is a vibrant, forest green shimmer. This was also one generous coat. 

Royal Fuchsia
Hmmm, IMO, I would say this is more of a magenta infused with violet shimmers. This was one generous coat. 

A vibrant, purple infused with violet shimmers. This has rounded off my top picks from this post! This was one coat, but perhaps an additional coat would have made it more opaque. 

NK Nail Enamel vs Nicka K New York Nail Colors

Lavender, Dolphin, Ice Berg, and Violet

Hypes! (The good)
Big 3 Free 
Great formula
Easy application
Richly pigmented
Most are 1 coaters
Average dry time

Yikes! (The not so good)
Apricot was a bit streaky
May be hard to fine aside from online

Overall, I'm loving these nail polishes. I have to say that I am quite impressed that many of them only required one coat. Just by looking, I thought that the last 4 colors would be sheer, but that just goes to show you, don't judge a nail polish by the bottle! ;) I also love the packaging. The handle does not interfere with application, but seems to act as a nice grip. Nothing but, good vibes with this new line of nail polishes!

Lip colors: 
Nicely pigmented - Doe foot applicator - Non-sticky - Lightly scented citrus - Flavorless - 2 hours of wear time before reapplication 

Each will retail for $4.99 ea on the Nicka K website
These have yet to be released and I will keep you all posted.
Nicka K New York Nail Colors consists of 44 new nail polish colors. 
Salon quality formula that has been improved for smooth, easy application

As always, hope this helps & happy shopping!

Which color(s) have caught your attention? Thoughts?! I'd love to know down below! Stay tuned for a surprise! :)

 A sample of these products were kindly sent to me for review purposes. I am not being compensated in anyway, shape, or form. The reviews on Deuce Beauties my are honest opinions, based on my experience/knowledge with each product mentioned.


  1. Oh my gosh. The blue and green shimmer polishes are absolutely stunning! As are those lip glosses. Blah, I doubt i'd ever be able to find them here in NZ.

    Fantastic :)

  2. Some really lovely colours there and I like the bottle shape.

  3. wow i love these colors especially dolphin, ice berg and the violet one. :)

  4. Velvet green and Ice berg are definitely in the top of what I like :)

  5. I love the bottles! The teal one is really pretty!

  6. Apricot is not realy my type of color ^^'
    but the colors are gorgeous!!

  7. ooooooh they are beautiful!!
    And i've been looking for some nice one-coaters so your review came in the most perfect timing! :-))
    I'm gonna look for Ice Berg, Royal Fuchsia and Violet.
    Thanks so much!!!

  8. Apricot looks really pretty! But I do hate when such pretty polishes aren't good to apply.

  9. all gorgeous shades!!! love all the nail polish!

  10. ice berg is gorgeous, where can i get me some

  11. These are so beautiful. My favourites are Gold Shimmer and Dolphin :D

  12. Ice berg is perfect! And I love the glosses :) your giveaway is awesome <3

  13. never heard about this brand before, the colors look nice

  14. I have never heard about this brand before either, but I love how Violet and Ice Berg looks.

  15. The apricot and lavender would be perfect for summer! Love all the colours! x

  16. Really nice colours... love them :)

  17. i like apricot, Ice berg so much
    levender is also cool

  18. these are some great colors! Never heard of this brand but always willing to try new stuff out!!

  19. Love Love Love Royal Fuscia and Ice Berg. Thanks for the review, I love hearing about new brands. I hope it will be available internationally.

  20. Oh my gosh! Apricot looks like such a fantastic peachy nail polish shade! I want to try it out now!!

  21. I love them all, Im really into the bright color.. i like a little POP. the review was helpful for what colors were awesome and the ones that werent.. your blog is helpful and I love the pics!

  22. that's an amazing apricot color! i've never heard of these products, thanks for reviewing them. the lip color sticks remind me of ones i've used as a teen in the 90s :)

  23. Such gorgeous colors! I like apricot the most =D

  24. Such gorgeous colors! I like apricot the most =D

  25. This is the first time I read about this brand..
    And I think it's wonderful.
    I am interested about the lip colours, seem so soft..

  26. Hmm never heard of this brand before. Gorgeous colours!

  27. I love these nail polishes! :) My favourite is Velvet Green... though it looks a bit "poisinos" ... :D

  28. Lovely <3
    My favorite is the apricot color!

  29. wow!!!!!!!! love everything the packaging so so unique and gorgeous alone but the colors.. *dies*

  30. wow! i love all colours. . . <3

  31. I LOVE the colors! i kept thinking... wow, that one's my fave, then I'd scroll down some more and oh wait...THAT one's my favorite! they are sooo cool. I wish I was better at applying nail polish- I LOVE polish but I'm not the best. oh well.....I still wear it. lol

  32. Lavender and Velvet Green are my favourites!

  33. I don´t know this brand but the colors are amazing

  34. I love the shades :D It's my first time hearing about Nicka K's nailpolishes :) My favorite is Dolphin, so cute! ^^

    Ms Lizzie Lizzie

  35. Absolutely IN LOVE with Ice Berg and Velvet Green. I haven't heard of Nicka K yet! So, thank you for this!

  36. The lipglosses look great. I also like lavender.

  37. These colors are really beautiful, I love them

  38. Oh wow!! I loved those the minute I saw them in your post!! And now you're giving them away...Can this timing be any more perfect.... LOL

  39. Wow the royal fuschia is gorgeous!!

  40. These r beautiful! My fav's r Dolphin & Violet, how awesome!

  41. Lovin this brand... Dolphin is droolworthy!

  42. Royal Fuchsia reminds me of China Glaze's Reggae to Riches for some reason. It's a nice color!

  43. I love the design of those nail polish bottles! And that Velvet Green is absolutely amazing.

  44. My fav is 022 cotton candy it last for bout 2weeks...great nail polish


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