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Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: By Uma Accessories

Monday, again?!

LOL! What better way to kick off this week than with a post featuring two beautiful pieces from Uma over at ByUma.

Here is what I received!

First up, the Small Pearl Gold Collar Necklace! If you've been a reader of mine for a while now, you've probably seen my cross necklace in my previous posts, yeah?! Well, I NEVER and I mean NEVER remove that necklace until I came across this beauty! It's made up of gold chains and small beaded pearls that all connects to the center ring. It's such a classic piece that goes perfect with collar tops like the one I'm wearing below. A cute, classy way to add glam to your outfit! ;) 

Here are some more photos!

Lastly, I have the Circle chain slave bracelet. Another great way to spice up your outfit! It's made up of gold and brass plated chains that slips over your hand and wraps around your wrist. It's a very nice statement piece that acts as a ring and bracelet in one, if you will.

Uma suggests clasping the bracelet tightly around your arm to avoid the bracelet from slipping down to your wrist. I learned the hard way, so take her advice! When placing your order, she'll ask you for the measurements around your wrist so that each piece fits accordingly to you! Here are some photos!

Hand made
Made to order
Custom made
Good quality
Both pieces are adjustable
Unique statement pieces
World wide shipping 

Click the link to be directed to her shop ByUma. Fall products are being added every week!

Click here to like her Facebook page! Like her page and receive a 10% coupon code.

In addition to these pieces, she also offers ear cuffs, head chains, hair clips, earrings, and other necklaces!

A  sample of these products were provided for review purposes. I am not being compensated in anyway, shape, or form. The reviews on Deuce Beauties are my honest opinions, based on my experience/knowledge with each product mentioned.


  1. Oh wow very chic pieces! Love 'em all :)

  2. You know, I've been seeing collar necklaces all over the place lately. They just blew up out of nowhere!

  3. Those pearls are so graceful!

  4. I love both the bracelet and the necklace, very unique and interesting

  5. Oh my gosh - the first one for the collar I have not seen done since the 50's. We had these then. We also had some like these only they did not fasten around the back of your collar but went between two sides of your sweater...they were the same vintage as these collar frames..the sweater ones were called Sweater guards..they had little clips on each side and usually made with faux pearls and gold chain. They were worn mostly for cartis you did not put your arms into but put over your shoulders. Then also in the 50's we had shrug sweaters. Like many shrugs of today - they did not come to a meeting in the front like a carti. So the sweater clips worked on those too. We wore the ones like the full necklace in the first pix around buttoned up peter pan collared shirts and shirt dresses.

  6. I LOVE that bracelet! I just wanted to warn you about wearing the same piece of jewelry all the time - I once got a fungus infection on my neck because I never took my necklace off, so definitely give your skin a break and don't wear the same piece all the time :)

  7. This collared necklace is gorgeous

  8. Love the collar necklace! It's so pretty and dainty.

  9. Love this jewelry, especially the collar necklace!

  10. OMG I love it, it is so handsome!!


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