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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feature: Cheeky Vibrant & Summer Collections

A few months ago, I received both the Vibrant and Summer 2012 plates from Cheeky Beauty. Being that I'm still fairly new to stamping and still trying to get the hang if things, did not dull the excitement of testing out these babies! 

Here are some photos! :)

Vibrant Set CH 1-29
As you can see, these plates come with a blue protective seal. Don't forget to peel before stamping! :)

Summer 2012 Set CH 30-55
Again, this set comes with a protective seal; so, don't forget to peel! ;)

Vibrant vs Summer 2012 size comparison 

In terms, of size, the new 2012 collection plates are a lot more bigger. 

These have been around for quite sometime now, so I did not take a pictures of all the plates because I'm pretty sure most of you have seen them all. I did, however; take a few shots of the plates that immediately caught my attention!

Vibrant Plates 3 &4

Vibrant Plates 5 & 15

Summer Plates 33 & 37

Summer Plates 40 & 46

Overall, very pleased with these plates! With 6 -7 designs on each plate, the possibilities are endless! Each image is etched nicely and transfers beautifully.Like the Bundle Monster plates, these also offer a backing that helps prevent getting cut around the sharp edges of each plate. 

I love how there no two images are alike from either set, giving you a wide selection to choose from. I'm also loving the fact that the image designs are a lot bigger, making them ideal for gals with larger nail beds! 

Packaging is absolutely adorable! Each set comes with its own box for easy storage. Also, they both come with an "emergency scraper"! ;)

I would definitely recommend either set to any of my readers! 

At $23.99 & $24.99 + free shipping world wide, this is definitely a bargain! For reference, Konad is roughly around $7.00 per plate. It's a steal, I tell ya!

You can purchase these directly from the the Cheeky Beauty website: or from their Amazon store

As always, hope this helps & happy shopping!

Do you own any Cheeky Stamping Plates? Thoughts?! I'd love to know down below!

These were sent for review.


  1. This one is not my thing , I guess I'm too punky for it :) but you did a good job with it

    Btw you ask several times to fallow Carlas Fancy but tell now I haven't received any update. Or it is just my bloglovin ?

  2. I just received my Vibrant set literally hours ago :) I haven't really tested them out yet - my 4yo twin sons insisted on the little snowman being placed on their thumbs straight away and I did use the full nail stars as a feature nail. They took exactly 3 weeks to get to me in Australia from their Cheeky Beauty store if anyone wants to know! I plan on ordering the other set after Christmas :)

  3. I ordered the vibrant cheeky plates with an Amazon gift certificate I got for Christmas and I'm really looking forward to trying them out xo


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