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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dollish Polish The Princess Bride Collection

Good afternoon, beauties! 

I have a huge post lined up for you all today! From the title, you know I have The Princess Bride Collection from Dollish Polish. There are a total of 14 shades and is set to be released on June 24. Let's get started!

Have Fun Storming the Castle! is a light grey base loaded with magenta, purple, and holo lavender glitters ranging from hexes, squares, and large round glitters. The formula on this was very smooth and required  three, thin coats to achieve opacity. This is easily one of my favorites from this collection!

Anybody Want a Peanut is a pinky, beige base that consists of copper, gold, brown glitters ranging form hexes, squares, and round glitters. A very feminine polish that applies effortlessly in three, thin coats.

Wuv Twu Wuv is a hot pink base that consists of small neon pink/red hexes and squares, medium red squares, large hot pink hexes, large, red round glitters, and glass flecks throughout the base. Unfortunately, my camera could not capture the hot pink base, but if you're a fan of hot pink polishes, you may just love this one! This was three, thin coats. 

I Survived the Fire Swamp is a bright, red jelly base loaded with micro fine iridescent flakies, gold, red, orange, and iridescent hexes. Again, my camera has a love/hate relationship with certain colors, but let me tell you, this is a must see in person! It's so much more vibrant IRL and the iridescent glitters shine beautifully in the sun! This applied evenly in three, thin coats.  

Drop. Your. Sword. is a soft, blue base that consists of holo gold glitter, holo gold micro hexes, and small gold hexes. There's something very delicate about this polish that I absolutely love. This requires three coats for opacity. 

The Pit of Despair is a sheer, grey base loaded with silver holo glitters, navy, black, purple, and gun metal glitters ranging from hexes, squares, and shreds. This topper required one, generous coat in the image below.  Application was smooth and glitter distribution was spot on!

Hello, My Name is Inigo Montoya is a murky, green base loaded with micro fine shimmers, iridescent flakies, and a nice combination of green colored hex glitters. Of all the colored base glitter polishes from this collection, this is hands down my favorite! Also, green just so happens to be my favorite color! ;) I used three, thin coats to achieve opacity. Let me also mention that this looks even greater mattified! 

Chocolate Coating Makes it Go Down Easy is a delicious, rich brown chocolate brown shimmer with bronze micro glitter and a hint of tiny holo glitters. I couldn't think of a more accurate description, so, there you have it, straight from Dolly herself. The first photo is more color accurate. This was three, thin coats.

R.O.U.S.'s I Don't Think They Exist is a clear base LOADED with holo, gold, and caramel glitters. Oh.My.Glitter.Bomb. This is polish is so dense, that you can easily build to wear alone or be used over the polish of your choice. A very versatile polish that would look great over just about any color! I used one, generous coat in the image below.

The Man in Black is a black jelly packed with tiny, glass fleck glitters that shifts from pink, green, aqua, gold, violet orange, and blurple. It's true beauty is very difficult to capture, but when I first saw the bottle, I knew it wold be one of my favorites! This is just.... I cant! *GASP* I know I said that Hello, My Name is Inigo Montoya was my favorite in terms of colored base glitters, but these are definitely a tie in my book. This was two, generous coats. 


As You Wish is an olive, gold duo chrome base with a gorgeous linear holo finish. A holographic duo chrome polish?! Yes, PLEASE! Another must see in person and another top pick from this collection! It reminds me of a very toned down version of Chanel Periot or OPI Just Spotted the Lizard. Whatever it is, it's a winner and a must have. Application was a little tricky, but Dolly has confirmed that she is working on reformulating this polish. I used two coats in the image below.

Now for the glitters! I'll tell you now that all the glitters from this collections are complete, MUST HAVES! Brace yourselves! ;)

Is This a Kissing Book? is a clear base loaded with holo aqua, gold, holo pink, holo lavender,  and periwinkle glitters ranging from hexes, diamonds, and flowers. There's something very luxurious about this combination! For the base, I used As You Wish which is a beauty on its own due to its duo chrome/holo finish, but add the glitters and BAM! An insanely, ridiculous stunning combination!  *GASPS*

Iocane Powder is a clear base loaded with ultra fine shimmers, matte white, and pearl glitters. You all know I'm a sucker for white glitters, so this was undoubtedly love at first sight... and swatch! ;) The image was done in one, easy coat.

Inconceivable! Yup, you sure are! It's a clear base loaded with 53 different glitters ranging from hexes, squares, and round glitters. There's no better way to describe this polish than the name itself! A stunner for sure! This was one, easy coat.

A Unicorn Farted in My Polish is a clear base loaded with micro shimmers, sky blue, white, lime green, hot pink, pearl, orange, yellow, and iridescent glitters ranging from hexes, squares, blocks, hearts, stars, and moons. M.A.G.I.C.A.L. Although this polish is not part of this collection, you'd be silly not to own it! Assuming you love bright, bold combinations! This is on my list of top fave Indie glitters! 

Dollish Polish The Princess Bride Collection 
Available June 24, 2013

$10.00 ea - full 
$5.00 ea - mini 
(As You Wish & The Men in Black are $11.00 and $5.50 ea)






As always, hope this helps & happy shopping!

Which colors have caught your attention? Thoughts?! I'd love to know down below!
These were sent for review.


  1. I want so many of these!!! I think Peanut, Inigo Montoya and Inconceivable are my favs!

  2. wow I love #3. They have such cute names! :)

  3. Hi :) These are beautiful , I love "is this a kissing book" these are all beautiful polishes !! Just blog btw and awesome pictures !


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