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Saturday, January 22, 2011

New! Rimmel Clean Finish Liquid Foundation + a surprise inside the bottle!?

I went to Walmart today because I ran out of nail polish remover and I found these little gems along the way!

Say hello to the Rimmel Clean Finish Liquid Foundation. This line comes in 16 different new shades. According to the label, this foundation will make your sikn "look 100 % poreless", which is great since my pores are huge! ;)  It also claims to have Vitamins A & E. I'll have a review in about a week; this gives me enough time to see how well it works out.

I twisted off the top just to see if it had a distinct smell to it, and it's nothing overwhelming at all. Also, when I went to unscrew the top, there was an interesting surprise inside! There was a spatula of some sort connected to the cap. I've never seen that before! Have you?!

At $3.97, it def. beats the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation price wise! C'mon now, less than $5 for a liquid foundation?! That's crazy! Geeez, and I thought the Fit Me Foundation was cheap! This really is a steal! HOLLA! =)

closer view of all different shades

Happy shopping! Hope this helps!


  1. I used to have a L'Oreal or Neutrogena foundation that had a little ball at the end of a stick attached to the lid to make it easier to get out <--does that make sense?
    I'm interested to see what you think of the foundation. Is it really $3.97?

  2. contests and such:

    That made perfect sense! =) I think they serve the same purpose!

    How did that foundation work out for you?

    I'll have a review up soon, feel free to come back and check it out. & yes, it is only $3.97!! Crazy huh?

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Carla!
    I have not idea how that foundation worked. It was so long ago and I don't think I used it that much.
    $3.97??!!! Hells yeah I will probably check it out, but I have so much foundation from the CVS beauty clearance I might have to wait until I start to make a dent in this.
    Love your posts about the clearance BTW...Very informative.
    I like your background (it's the same as mine :) )

  4. Geeez, I know! I have wayyy too much from the cvs clearance, but i really could not pass this up!

    As for the clearance posts, thanks so much for the positive feedback! It's nice to know that i've helped someone! =)

    LOL, i saw your background earlier! Guess we have the same taste! ;) Take care!

  5. I used foundation 1 time in life only :(


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