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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review!

(As of Dec. 29,2010) i've changed my blog name from boogiebeautyblog to Deuce Beauties, so the watermark is different) -carla

Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation

Price: (for what i purchased) - $5.99 for 1 FL. OZ. or 30ml
                  Availability: I've only seen this at my local Bed Bath & Beyond
   Packaging: Sleek bottle, twist off cap, no pump(unfortunately)
Consistency: Slightly runny, but neither thick or overly runny
Product claims to:
         1.)Match natural skin tone (agreed)
    2.)Blends Seamlessly    (agreed)
3.)Let's skin breathe  (agreed)

On the Hunt

I was so excited to find this product after reading about it on my favorite bloggers blog. =) I went to my local Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday and to my surprise, there was an entire display. What made this "hunt" even more great was that in front of each liquid foundation, there was a tester! Anytime there is a tester, it makes it a lot easier for us to find our "ideal" shade. After looking at about 5 diff. shades, i decided to pick up the color 220 Natural beige. This color matches my skin to a "T". I've never really found my perfect match for a drugstore liquid foundation until yesterday.

My overall opinion

I cannot rave enough about this product and for $5.99 a piece, it's def. a drugstore steal! I use MAC sheer pressed powder on a daily basis, but when I want more coverage or on special occasions, i use my Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation... But let me tell you now, Maybelline Fit Me completly blew the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation out of the water!

On my skin it gives me a slight "dewy look" or a "light sheen", which isn't too over the top and makes it great since I have combination oily skin.  I really only need about a "pea size" amount to cover my entire face. I have no trouble with the products blendability. It isn't cakey & leaves my skin feeling smooth, light, and natural; as if I have nothing on. Gives me an airbrushed look. It gives me light-to-medium coverage which is perfect if you don't have much to cover but want to even out your skin. I like to set this with the Palladio Rice Powder in warm beige then spray Urban Decays De Slick setting spray all over my face.  I purchased this product yesterday morning, then went home to test it out. It lasted me the entire day w/out any creasing/caking.  I will def. be heading to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up another bottle!

        Kirkland 2009 Flat Top Brush
         My FAVE brush for this foundation
                                                                        -No Foundation
-Primer Only

Foundation w/ flash

Foundation w/out flash

Foundation w/ flash

Foundation w/ flash


  1. your skin is beautiful - with or without makeup!

  2. Thank you =) And thanks for posting the very first comment on this blog! =) Have a good one =)

  3. I agree with jbrobeck, you either have perfect skin or this foundation is magic!

    I really can't get over that price, every foundation is well over $10 now, unless it's something like Covergirl Clean Makeup that's been around since the stone age and really isn't all that good. And... it's a full ounce too. A lot of cosmetics companies are giving less than the full ounce, and still charging over $10 for it. If I remember correctly Milani's mousse makeup was a half ounce for $11.99, for example.

    This makeup really is a steal and then to find out it's good too? Wow! Just wow!

  4. Donna,

    Thanks so much for your feedback! & yes this foundation is in fact MAGIC! =) Like you, i still can't believe how affordable/amazing this foundation is! You should def. check this product out! =) Have a good one! =)


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