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Thursday, June 23, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Glaze Metals

Just when I thought I was all cracked out, I find out that CG was coming out with a new line of crackles.This time, the crackles have taken a spin from their original creme finishes to a more edgy, metallic finish.

I meant to post this on Tuesday when I showed you my haul on Monday, but you know how life gets! ;)

My Sally's Beauty has always been good to me. I call them wayyy ahead of time before a limited edition collection is released and they are always kind enough to place them on for me. So, when they were available for pick up, I rushed right over there! ;) They have released 6 new shades and I am glad to say that I have them all for review, including swatches. Let's get started! :)

As always, I'm starting w/ my most favorite to my least.

Oxidized Aqua
When I first heard about this collection I was immediately drawn to this color as well as Cracked Medallion. This is a gorgeous aqua/silver combination with a foil finish- in fact, they are all foil finishes.This was the easiest and smoothest to apply and cracked immediately. I used a medium coat for all swatches.

Latticed Lilac
I love the way this color looks on my nails! This is a very toned down lilac/grayish combination. Just like Oxidized Aqua, this applied like a dream and cracked almost immediately. My mom and I seem to be grabbing for this color lately! That's what's so great about crackles, there are countless possibilities with color play!

Haute Metal
Ahhh, this color is so refreshing! This is definitely the most "feminine" color from this collection. It also looks very nice and elegant over a white base. I missed Pink Wednesday this week, but I'll be sure to post that next week! This was a bit tricky to apply, so, I recommend using a medium coat and a bit of pressure when applying it onto you nails. Nonetheless, it's absolutely stunning! ;)

Cracked Medallion
This was the second color I knew I had to have. This is a gorgeous penny/bronze shade with a few hints of gold. Personally, I prefer this color with a white base. Like Haute Metal, this was also a bit tricky to work with, so, I would follow the same recommendation when applying this color. I have a review of another bronze crackle coming up soon, so be on the look for it!
Tarnished Gold
Sadly, this was the most difficult out of the bunch. I mean, the color is absolutely gorgeous, but geeez, is it a pain to apply. I'm not sure if it's because the way I apply it or what?! If you look at my pinky, it barely cracked- just a single vertical line. -_-  I really want to like this color since the Sally Hansen one didn't work out. However, if I had to choose, this gold beats the Sally Hansen Crackle by a knockout! I'll play around with it more to see how things pan out

Platinum Pieces
Let me start off by saying that, I am not a "silver" kind of person., I'd pick gold any day. But, when it comes to nail polish, I guess it's cool. This is basically your standard silver. In my honest opinion, this is the most boring shade from this collection. If you're not a fan of silver crackles and can get your hands on Oxidized Aqua, Latticed Lilac, or Haute Metal, I would def. skip this color. It is very similar(especially Latticed Lilac) from afar and once under a black or white base. It does, however; crack fairly well-It's a 50/50 decision. ;)

As always, hope this helps and happy shopping!
Have you spotted these in your area yet?! What are your thoughts? Which color(s) are you most excited about? I'd love to know down below! ;)


  1. Great swatches! I only have the black crackle, but you make me want them all.

  2. Nice that you get that great service from Sally's. I like the aqua and lilac. The rest seem like shades I already have. They still look fantastic.

  3. I love that they came out with this!!! Cracked metal colors are awesome.

  4. OMG that platinum pieces is so beautiful! I love that one :)


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