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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review: Model 21 Lashes #44T

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing great! Today I have a review of some Model 21 false eyelashes. If you are new to Model 21, they are basically an online company that sells a WIDE variety of false lashes. Click here to see my first review of Model 21 lashes.

"Model 21 Eyelashes provide a selection of high quality false eyelashes with styles varying in unique density, length and width. Our clientele consists of various Make-Up Artists, Models, Photographers, Brides, Wedding Parties, Dancers and everyday women including Homemakers and Office Professionals.  Natural false eyelashes are also great for those who have lost their own eyelashes due to health conditions and just about anyone else who simply wishes to enhance their beauty." - Model 21

Model 21 #44T
(each box contains 10 pairs of lashes)

Let me start off by saying that these have easily become my favorite pairs of lashes at the moment. They are ultra light weight and are super comfy! Just like the #36 lashes I reviewed before, in my opinion, these lashes are more on the "flirty" side and can definitely be everyday lashes. I love how they aren't overly dramatic or too thick. I recommend using very light, natural eye makeup since the lashes bring a lot of attention to your face. Model 21 continues to impress me with the quality and longevity of their lashes.

The lashes are being held down with double sided tape, which makes for easy removal. They do need to be trimmed to properly fit your eye. This shows how accommodating their lashes are and how not everyone has the same eye shape.

At $9.95, they are basically $1.00 a pair. They offer a wide variety of lashes from natural, long, short, thick, full, dramatic etc, all at very budget friendly prices. If I'm not mistaken, they range anywhere from $6.95 to $12.00 at the most; either way, I sincerely believe you are getting your moneys worth! They have excellent customer service, fast shipping, and are very accommodating to their customers; everything a company should be, if not more!

As always, hope this helps and happy shopping! :)

Stay tuned, I have an exciting annonucement!

Love false lashes? Have you checked out Model 21? What are your thoughts?! I'd love to know down below!

A sample of these products were kindly sent to me from the above company for review purposes. I am not being compensated to give out any information/reviews. My reviews are, and forever will be 110% honest opinions based on my experience/knowledge with each product mentioned.


  1. I love their lashes! I'll check out the #44s next


  2. wow! they look great on you!
    for some reason, i look odd in false lashes.
    i think i need to find the right ones for me. ><


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