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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: Bonita Light Blue Crackle

Today, I wanted to show you all a hidden gem I picked up after a sushi date w/ my little sister. We dropped by a local "mom & pop" shop and they had a full display of Bonita Crackles in black, green, navy, silver, red, and turquoise. They also had a wide variety of Santee and a few DC'd OPI polishes for only $3.75. Sadly, nothing sparked my interest. :(

Since this particular nail polish included in my Giveaway, I thought I'd give you a sneak peak :)

I've been so tempted to place an order on the Barry M website, since I know they also have a light blue crackle as well,  but I can't seem to get passed the shipping fee. -_- Maybe in another swap!

Bonita Crackle - Light Blue
1/2 fL oz

Indoors - no flash
Please, excuse my sloppy swatches, I was a little too excited to try it out ;)

I must admit that I was really pleased with the outcome. I have never heard of this brand, so I was a bit skeptical, but for only $2.50, it wasn't really putting a hole in my wallet! Considering the prices for China Glaze Crackles and OPI Shatters, this really is a steal!

The picture above is 1 medium coat of the crackle. Like the CG crackles, I recommend working rather quickly as they do crack almost immediately. I also recommend avoiding going over the same area twice.The formulation is nice and smooth- not too runny and not too thick, it's perfect. 

I enjoyed this polish so much, I went back and picked up 2 more bottles! 1 for a swap and 1 for my giveaway ;)

As always, hope this helps & happy shopping!

Have you seen a display of Bonita crackles? Do any of my International readers know if this is similar to Barry M's light blue crackle? What are your thoughts?! I'd love to know down below!


  1. It looks pretty, but I can't really tell in the picture. How does it compare to ChG's Crushed Candy?

  2. thenailaholic: Ugh, it works a million times better! :) The formaula of Bonita is wayy smoother than the CG crushed candy and also dries much quicker which is great if you need a quick fix before you head out the door!

  3. That's such a cute color! I have yet to try this brand. =)

  4. oh nice I got two pink bonita nail polish in my one of my blog haul post I also never heard of the brand but their pretty if you want to see check it out in blog(:

  5. D. Sadie: Thank you, I hope you can get a hold of it! :)

    Pinkbeauty_love: Thanks! I checked it out, they are really pretty pink shades :)

    rock-or-not: thank youuu!


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