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Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Glitter Gal's Not Another Red

If you've read my International Swaps post, you know that getting your hands on a good holo is like trying to find a diamond in the rough. -_- Here in the U.S., we are exposed to various brands, but none with a strong, true holo finish.

When I say good, I mean, gooood. I think a lot of you can agree that holos with strong, linear, and/or scattered effect, make a gorgeous statement and all the difference in the world. In my opinion, a true holo has to have that "WOW" factor and make you do a double take. It also has to look like magic at your finger tips! After all, the name is holographic :)

Last week, I received a bottle of Glitter Gal's Not Another Red polish to review. So, before I begin, a HUGE thank you to them again!

Here is a little background info on them:

Anna and Kerry have been close friends and worked together for many years. We always shared a passion of makeup and had the inspiration of creating a cosmetic business together that would be “trend setting” and different...

We use “true” holographic particles in our formulation.  This one ingredient is 30 times more expensive than any other nail polish ingredient.  Thus making our holographic nail polish the highest quality possible.  You will notice the smoothness to the finish of polish, and reflective effects are amazing.  They are also the “Big 3 Free.

-Glitter Gal

Glitter Gal Not Another Red
9 mL 0.3 fl oz
Indoors - No Flash
It really is magic in a bottle!
Indoors - No Flash
Outdoors - No flash
Outdoors - No flash - blurred for holo viewing pleasure
See the linear and scattered holo effect? Love it ;)
Outdoors - No flash
After 7 days of wear time
Indoors - no flash - no sun

 Overall:  Glitter Gal does not disappoint and passes with flying colors, literally ;)
Again, a true holo in my opinion, must have a linear and/or scattered effect that mesmerizes you every single time you look at your finger tips. When I'm in the sun, I cannot stop starring at how brilliant the holo effect truly is. I wore this to the Sacramento State Fair and people must of thought I was crazy walking around starring at my nails the entire time! ;)

Formulation was nice and smooth. With this particular polish, there was absolutely zero bald spots during application. I know how difficult it is to apply some holo polishes, but this was PERFECT, I tell ya ;) I used two coats, but you can definitely get away with 1 generous coat.

Wear time was outstanding! I normally post my reviews within 3-5 days of receiving them, but I really wanted to put this to the test. Being that top coats diminish/weaken the holo effect, the formulation must be perfect, long lasting, and have minimal chipping. I had an excellent wear time of 7 days with very minimal chipping.

Removal was a effortless! Some reds tend to slightly stain on my nails, but this polish came off almost immediately. 

Any cons?! I reallly wish the bottle was bigger!
Bigger bottles = more polish and since I loooove it so much, I need more! ;)

Again, a very huge thank you to Glitter Gal, you girls did an amazing job! :)

As always, hope this helps and happy shopping!

Do you own any of Glitter Gals polishes?! What are your thoughts?! I'd love to know down below!

A sample of these products were kindly sent to me from the "above" company for review purposes. I am not being compensated to give out any information/reviews. My reviews are, and forever will be 110% honest opinions based on my experience/knowledge with each product mentioned.


  1. Fantastic :) I might have to add this shade to my wishlist :)

  2. That is a very pretty polish! I really love the color and I agree, reds are sometimes difficult to remove. Thanks for the review! Will definitely take a look into the polishes.

  3. This really is an awesone holo!

  4. Amazing would love to have some glitter gal holo's and also some Ozotics (holo's and multichrome).

  5. Claire: If you love holos, i highly recommend this one! ;)

    Diana: I know! I need to get my hands on those Oztics as well! They are GORGEOUS!

    All: This really is a fascinating color! Thanks for all the positive feedback! xx

  6. So pretty! I saw this polish online the other day. I almost bought it! Looks great!


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