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Saturday, January 1, 2011

CVS Clearance Haul #2 + Updates

Hellloooo 2011!! This is my first official post of the year! Anyway, down to business... Okay, so today I went to CVS(yet again) with my mom and we picked up a few things. I didn't think she'd go too crazy, but boy was i wrong! She initially wanted to go just for  eyeliner, but ended up buying a lot more! Lol, i love my mom! Here are a few more things we picked up & a few more clearance items i didn't see the last 3 times i went, lol =) Enjoy!

                Our Total Savings: (from today's) $93.42
                          Grand Total (my 1st 3 hauls + this haul w/ mom)=

Nail Shine Miracle: $2.47
Continuous Treatment: $2.69
Revlon Nail Polish: Pink Freeze: $1.45
Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer: $3.89-$1 off coupon= $2.89
Loreal HIP Eye Shadow: $2.19

Physicians Formula Eye Definer x3: $1.62ea.
Revlon Satin Eye Shadow: Sienna: $1.37
Revlon Lip Stick 523 Spiced Brandy & 407 Rosedew: $1.99ea.

Rimmel Royal Gloss: Cookie: $1.49
Rimmel Lipstick x3: 1.57ea.

Here are a few clearance items from Sally Hansen Carmindy
(lip glosses were on sale too, but my cell phone died!)
75% off

Clearance Items Spotted Today:

Rimmel Moisture  Renew Lip Stick: Spotlight Beige = 75%off
Sally Hansen Nail Shine Miracle 75%off
Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment 75%off
Sally Hanson Carmindy 75%off selected items(pics on my blog)

Have you been to your local CVS yet? Have you spotted
 anything that isn't included in this post? I'd love to know!


  1. Which Revlon ls colors are those?

  2. Hi Lindsey,
    the two lipstick shades are:

    523 Spiced Brandy - Pearl Finish
    407 Rosedew - Pearl Finish

    hope that helps!

  3. Have you tried the SH Continuous treatment yet? I used mine last night with speed dry drops and it didn't dry and ruined my mani! I was wondering how it worked for you...

  4. contests and such:

    ^^ What's your name btw? Lol!

    I love it! I get a good 3 days before i get any slight chipping. Although, it depends from person to person on how "rough" they use their hands!

    As for the speed dry drops, i've never tried it. I use the loreal quick dry(which is included in the cvs clearance) and it works great.

    It dries quickly, (hence the name! lol) meaning to say you can touch it with your fingers and it won't transfer, but it'll dent if you hit it on something. did that make sense? lol!

    BTW, i followed your blog! what a good way to keep up w/ current contests! =)

  5. Hey Carla,
    My name is Nessa. Nice to 'meet' you :)
    I didn't even think to look for a fast dry topcoat in the L'Oreal polishes! Might have to go back!
    Did u use the quick dry over the SH Continuous? Or did you let it dry alone?

  6. Hi Nessa,

    Nice to meet you too! =)

    After I apply my nail polish, I apply the quick dry then, I put the SH topcoat, let that dry for about 10-15 sec, then apply one last coat of the quick dry.

    Hopefully they still have it! =) *crosses fingers*

  7. We don't have a cvs here but I love hitting the Rite Aid clearance. :)


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