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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Walgreens & Ross Haul: Wet n Wild, Color Club, NailTek, & Burt's Bees

Hey again guys! Starting today, Wet n Wild Cosmetics are 50% off at Walgreens, which makes the hunt for the 2011 collection more exciting since they will cost half the price! I also went to Ross today "just to go" and to my surprise they had a 7 piece collection of Color Club! There were 4 different sets(Neon, Pinks, Nudes/Browns, and Glitter), but the glitter set REALLYcaught my eyes! To make this "nail polish hunt" even greater, they had about 10 boxes of BOGO Free NailTek polishes! Lastly, I spotted a Burt's Bees Tingling Treats Gift Set.  Here are a few things I picked up as well as the prices. Hope this helps! Happy Shopping! =)

Wild Shine Nail Polish: $0.49ea
Wet n Wild Craze Nail Polish: $0.49ea
Brule Eye Shadow: $0.99ea
Wet n Wild Lipstick: $0.49ea
Purple Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeliner: $0.49ea (i love this color!!)

7 Set Color Club: 7.99

This was a steal & a no brainer! These sell for $3.99 
each at my local Bed Bath & Beyond!

What caught my eye most about this set was the second color on the left! It's a nice glittery, silvery/gray, opaque nail polish. I'll have a swatch up soon; no words can describe how amazingly gorgeous this color is!

NailTek BOGO FREE: $4.99

Yes, $4.99 people!  These were also a steal/no brainer! To my knowledge these
 run for about $10-11 each at my local Bed Bath & Beyond! sells for:
 II Intensive Therapy: $10.95
Quicken: $10.95

Burt's Bees Tingling Treats: $9.99
Gift Set Includes: Body Bar, Body Wash, Foot Lotion, & a Chapstick

Have you seen the new 2011 Wet n Wild Collection? Seen any of these products at your Ross? I'd love to know!


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