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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review + Swatches: China Glaze Crackle Glaze

Let me start off by saying, I am completely loving these polishes! I know that I just bought these yesterday, but I have already gotten tons of compliments and questions! These are gorgeous shades and are super fun to mix&match different polishes. As promised, here are a few swatches of the Crackle Glaze colors I picked out!

Black Mesh over Wet n Wild Metallica

This was the easiest and smoothest to apply. I am also currently wearing this on my nails! I can't wait to try a yellow base color with this Crackle Glaze!

Cracked Concrete over NYC Uptown 

My absolute favorite out of the entire collection! This also
cracked the fastest out of the bunch!

Crushed Candy over China Glaze Liquid Leather

Broken Hearted over China Glaze Liquid Leather

Lightning Bolt over Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

really want to love this color, but it just does not crack the way I had hoped/would like.
It was also the most difficult to apply. =/

Overall, these can be a little tricky to work with since they dry almost immediately. You really need to work quickly during application and try not to go over the same streak twice. Doing so, makes the polish look clumpy and awkwardly sparse in some areas; it's really just trial&error.

Although, the Crackle Glaze, Cover Girl Crackle Polishes, and Kelier Crack polishes , have the same intentions, they have VERY different end results.

With the Crackle Glaze, I truly feel that you can control the thickness/intensity of each crack. The more polish you apply, the bigger/intense the cracks & the more visible the base color (see Black Mesh & Cracked Concrete above).
Whereas, with less polish, the smaller/precise the cracks & less visible the base color (see Lightning Bolt above). 

With the Cover Girl and Kelier Polishes give you more precise/detailed cracks, leaving the base color relatively non existent/visible.

Unlike the Cover Girl & Kelier Polishes, these are a BREEZE to remove! I think many of you will agree! ;)
As always, hope this helps & happy $hopping!

Have you tried these out yet? What are your thoughts? I'd love to know down below!


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