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Monday, April 16, 2012

Milani: Pure Love LE Collection Nail Polishes Review & Swatches + OPI Metallic For Life Dupe!!

Good morning, lovelies! 
It's such a beautiful day here in the Bay. It's been cold and rainy for a while, so I'm glad to see some sun and a soft, warm breeze. 

 Today, I have the new Limited Edition Pure Love Collection nail polishes from Milani. This collection consists of 3 new nail polishes and 1 eye shadow trio.  

Wedding Dress
A silvery, white infused with teenie, tiny magenta and green micro shimmers. This has an interesting finish and leans foil/pearl/metallic. This is so, so much more beautiful in person. This was 2 easy coats. 

Brides Maid
A champagne foil infused with silver and copper micro shimmers. I'm not sure, but this reminds me of my beloved Rage from Orly, which I cannot find for some strange reason. -_- This was 2 coats.

Bonus Shot

Gray Tux
Ooh la la! A sheer, black base with a combination of silver glitters and small & medium hex glitters. The above image was 2 coats. 

If this looks familiar to you, you're probably thinking of OPI Metallic For Life from the Nicki Minaj Collection. See comparison below!

Index & Ring: Milani 
Middle & Pinky: OPI

IMO, I prefer Milani for the simple fact that the glitter are much more packed and plentiful than OPI's. Both, however; require 3 coats for complete opacity. 
Gray Tux & Brides Maid

-Good formula
-Smooth application
-Average dry time
-OPI Metallic For Life dupe, if not better! + cheaper
-Polish colors go hand-in-hand with the name of the collection
(It bothers me when nail polishes have no relation to the collection)

- Exclusively available at select Walgreens  
- Limited Edition 

Pure Love should already be in stores(April), so be on the look out if you're interested! 

As always, hope this helps & happy shopping!

Will you be purchasing any of the nail polishes and/or eye shadow trio? What are you're thoughts on this collection?! I'd love to know down below!
A sample of these products were kindly sent to me for review purposes. I am not being compensated in anyway, shape, or form. The reviews on Deuce Beauties my are honest opinions, based on my experience/knowledge with each product mentioned.


  1. Wedding Dress looks fantastic. Perhaps it's even possible to use it for stamping :)

    1. Glad to know you are enjoying that color! :) I hope it'll work for stamping, it's beautiful!

  2. Middle & Pinky: OPI красивенький!

  3. Love Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid!!

    1. Me too! I liked them all, so it was hard to choose my top picks this time around!

  4. wow, such a pretty trio, and i agree w/ you about having a cohesive theme/names. Brides maid is my favortie. thanks for reviewing!

    1. I'm glad we have the same POV! Thank you for reading! xx

  5. Aww I love that trio, it's sooo nice *.*

  6. Love the OPI dupe...more glitter for less $ is always great!

  7. Wow!
    This collection is perfect!
    The colors are beautiful!

  8. I like them a lot! Since Milani often is cheaper than OPI Gray Tux I would like to get my hands on that.

  9. I think Wedding Dress is fabulous! Love Milani <3!

  10. That milani polish really does look just like metallic for life, a bit tooooo similar lol

  11. I LOVE wedding dress! A pretty, shimmery white!

  12. Reminds me of rain for some reason. so pretty

  13. I want Gray Tux! So my favorite! ;-)


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